Shelly Mckay

Shelly Mckay

Kannabis Works

Shelly McKay, COO of Kannabis Works, is a dedicated and driven cannabis entrepreneur with over 8 years of combined family cannabis experience, which ranges from Business Development, Investor, Product Specialist, Patient Support and Cannabis Coach utilizing product-knowledge guidance. Shelly is deeply invested in the medicinal and research side of cannabis with a real passion for the benefits of cannabis. She is a Co-founder and COO of Kannabis Works in Santa Ana, CA, which is a fully licensed Measure BB Dispensary that holds licenses for Cultivation, Manufacturing, Medicinal & Recreational Retail Sales, Delivery & Distribution.


Prior to opening and operating Kannabis Works, Shelly co-founded Rxmedy Wellness in 2015, which was a patient-centered company that specialized in cancer and critically-ill cannabis protocols and patient consultation.  In 2016, Rxmedy Wellness was acquired by

Constance Therapeutics, Inc., who at the time was an industry leader in standardized cannabis extracts and protocols. Shelly was hired by Constance Therapeutics to coach patients while using various ratioed cannabis oils to explore the efficacy of cannabis based-medicinal extracts to influence the symptoms of various disease states, including cancer.


Prior to working with cannabis, from 2005 to 2014, she operated as the COO at

Pacific Coast Builders, Inc., a general contracting and building service in Huntington Beach, CA.  Shelly worked as a Certified Shorthand Reporter from 1993 to 2005, where she served as a

Pro Tem Federal Court Reporter for the United States District Court and Orange County Superior Court.