Phillip Wolf

Phillip Wolf

Cultivating Spirits

Philip Wolf is one of the world’s first pot sommeliers, an expert and pioneer in the field. As such, there was no set path that Wolf followed to become a pot somm. He attended Pike’s Peak Community College, graduating just in time for the medical marijuana boom. He founded Colorado Cannabis Caregivers, and after setting up shop, he stepped back from ownership and stayed on as a caregiver with 30 patients until the state limited patient counts to five.

In 2009, Wolf founded Wolf Consulting, through which he worked for other groweries until 2013. In 2012, Wolf traveled to Haiti, where he was affected not only by the crushing poverty but by the spirit of the community which had hope and vision but few resources. In reaction, he co-founded Hispanola Health Partners, resulting in a grassroots plan to build a sustainable, Haitian-owned program of primary healthcare services. In 2012, Wolf also launched Help Kids Win in the Dominican republic, and for a year and a half taught kids wellness and leadership through sports.

In 2013, Wolf co-founded OBT Ventures, a cannabis tourism consulting firm. In 2014, he left to open Cultivating Spirits with a mission to show mainstream America how cannabis should be treated. He offers educational events and tours, working with chefs and traditional sommeliers to create one-of-a-kind experiences.

Wolf was certified as a pot somm by Denver’s Trichome Institute. Setting tables with forks, wine, and pipes, Wolf’s pairings are grounded in the science of interpening, which the institute calls “a method used to identify and understand cannabis variety [by] interpreting … terpenes and flower structure.” Wolf can sniff a bud, identify the strain and terpenes, and interpret both the flavor profile and high. The protocol for his dinner with bud pairings is puff, eat, drink.