Olivia Mannix

Olivia Mannix


Olivia Mannix is a cannabis industry pioneer and cannabis marketing expert. At 23 years old, she founded Cannabrand –an award-winning, full-service marketing agency and business consultancy and the first to specialize in the cannabis industry. Cannabrand is not only a marketing agency but a consultancy that aids cannabis companies with business operations and capital services as well as mergers and acquisitions.  The agency has played an integral role in shaping cannabis brands since its launch in January 2014 (at the onset of the burgeoning adult-use market), and helps clients to establish their unique brand identities and position themselves competitively in the marketplace.

Olivia has been a crucial asset to the industry for “rebranding” cannabis and bettering its image while opening up cannabis use to broader demographics through information and education. She is also an advocate for the medicinal benefits of cannabis and the adult use market.

Cannabrand also has a tech branch, Kushmoji, which is a marketing/ad platform disguised as emojis. They have over 100 brands and thousands of downloads.

Olivia’s passion and drive are magnetic, she has been able to build a team of professionals by recruiting the very best of the best. The Cannabrand team features top talent from big brand companies like: Osprey Packs, Merrill Lynch, Starbucks, AT&T, Burning Man and Disney.