Katie Moodie

Katie Moodie

KB Pure Essentials

A graduate of UCSD with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Katie launched her entrepreneurial spirit into residential real estate soon after graduation. Fueled by the excitement of business development, she eventually realized she could combine this enthusiasm with her personal interests and passion for natural wellness. Diving into research, she began to develop natural remedies for her family, friends and colleagues and before long, her products were in demand.

Soon after, she became a new mother, which sparked her interest in “all things” organic. Recognizing this passion for wellness and a talent for formulating natural, handcrafted products, she teamed up with Brooke to launch KB Pure Essentials.

From there Katie focused on exploring her fascination with cannabis and its multitude of health benefits. Finding a very supportive community in San Diego of other cannabis advocates, she teamed up with key scientific partners to utilize 100% of the plant in order to develop KB Pure Essentials organic product line. The results were an amazing, unique skin care and wellness line infused with hemp (through a highly specialized extraction process) containing the various healing characteristics of cannabis. These new products were clean, natural and consistent in quality and dosage.

Katie’s mission is to become a leader in cannabis education, while working closely with the scientific and holistic medicine communities to create more innovative products and bridge the gap between the public and cannabis as medicine.