Jason Lilly

Jason Lilly

Kannabis Works

Jason Lilly, CEO of Kannabis Works, has been part of the cannabis industry for 10 years. Before founding Kannabis Works, he ran successful cultivations, built distribution networks, founded a successful cannabis wellness center, and has dealt one-on-one with hundreds of patients, helping them navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis products and medications. His background helped shape Kannabis Works’ patient-first wellness culture.

Focused on the medicinal side of the industry, Jason’s goal has been to develop a deeper understanding of the cannabis plant and its medicinal benefits. He stays on top of the latest scientific research on the plant and is deeply involved in the local ordinances affecting patients in California.

In addition to his position at Kannabis Works, Jason currently on the board of the Santa Ana Cannabis Association. He is also is Director of Sales at Hero Distribution, which is focused on helping cannabis entrepreneurs anticipate, nurture and optimize every aspect of the customer experience.