Drew Dillon

Drew Dillon

Mule Extracts

Struggling to ensure the cannabis industry continues with its foundation of integrity, sustainability, community involvement, patients before profits and craft practices. 


            Drew moved from Georgia to Eugene Oregon in 1999 to work viticulture and farm cannabis under Measure 67. It was here that he found his passion and began networking with other cannabis famers, from Northern California up to Seattle Washington, researching the many agricultural practices that would work best with cannabis. He would also study Political Science, Critical Thinking and Economics under strategically chosen Professors throughout Oregon, although considers his alma mater Portland State University. 


            In 2011, with the legalization of cannabis inevitable, Drew began scaling up cannabis production with a warehouse grow which would eventually lead to his first extraction company. Over-night, True North Extracts would become the premier Co2 extraction company of Oregon, if not the Pacific Northwest. With a deep base of some of the best medical farmers along with co2 extraction artists, Drew would quickly discover how to produce high quality co2 oil that amplified the flavor, smell and the high of cannabis. This was accomplished without excess lipids, the use of dangerous additives, citrus terpenes nor over-priced fractional distillation. True North Extracts products would receive rave reviews from major publications, such as The Weed Blog, The Dope Cup and Northwest Leaf. 


            In December of 2016, True North was raided by the DEA and would become the first co2 extraction company to “donate” its business through asset forfeiture. 


Today, Drew is just finalizing a new state of the art extraction facility in Oregon, donating any free time to The Craft Cannabis Alliance and hopefully bringing back inexpensive, grade A quality Co2 oil that truly replicates the strain extracted with Mule Extracts.

  In his free time, he can be found long distance backpacking, answering question for medical grows, and placing bets on mite league baseball games with the Dad’s.