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CannaBiz Sponsorship Add-Ons


  • Attendee Registration Sponsor – $1,000

    • Get in front of attendees as they buy their Tickets for CannaBiz Expo 2018! Have your banner ad appear on all pages of CannaBiz’s registration system and confirmation emails. The final page of registration will include a link to your company website. 100% of Ticket sales are done online.
    • Attendee registration exclusive sponsor includes:
      • Website banner: Ad unit displays while Fans are browsing the Buy Tickets page Banner on Ticket confirmation page
      • Ad displays after attendees complete purchase Email confirmation
      • Ad included in Ticket confirmation email
    • Option to make exclusive for $5k
  • Premium Video Event Package – $2000

    • 1 Brand Introduction

      • 1 Master Video (1.5-2min)

      • 2 Instagram Cuts (25-35 sec)

    • 1 Event/Booth Recap (Same Day Delivery)

      • 10-15 seconds

    • 15-25 Photos

  • Sponsor Video Event Package – $500

    • 1 Event/Booth Recap (Same Day Delivery)

      • 10-15 Seconds

    • 10-15 Photos

  • Gift Bag Insert – $500

    • Every Attendee will be receiving a complimentary Gift Bag with an insert of your company inside each! This is a quick way to reach the over 6,000 attendees coming to our event!
  • Registration Desk Sponsor – $3,000

    • Exclusive buy in to put your branding on our Registration Desk located onsite at the CannaBiz Expo. This is a focal point of the Expo and an essential stop for many attendees. Cost does not include production and labor costs. You may supply branded pens, highlighters and notepads to make notes and planning even easier.
  • Newsletter Sponsorship – $3,000

    • These newsletters provide attendees with all the information relative to the CannaBiz Expo. Over 1 Million subscribers with an average open rate of 400,000, Position your content next to our biggest announcements each week.
  • Sponsored Social Media Post – see pricing below

    • Reach thousands of CannaBiz attendees with targeted social media ads. Link your ad to your web link or Facebook/Twitter/Instagram page to increase your company’s social fan base and gain brand impressions. Over (x) likes and counting!
      • Standard Package: $1,000 // reaches 1 million followers
        • Story & feed post with link
      • Premium Package: $3,000 // reaches 20 million followers
        • Story & feed post with link
  • TV Monitor Sponsorship – $2,000

      • Provide a 2-minute or less trailer that plays on all monitors throughout the CannaBiz Expo. Visible to both streaming (if we stream) and live audiences throughout the show. Sponsorship includes 2-minutes per hour of play time.
  • Public Wifi Sponsorship – $2,000

    • Beam your brand directly into the hands of fans with the Magic Box WiFi buy-out. Providing attendees with this essential service allows your brand to grace the phones of all CannaBiz Expo attendees accessing the Magic Box’s WiFi. Best of all, you may provide a brief “Opt-in” to collect leads at the time of registration.
  • Full Page Ad – $1,500

    • Full page, 4-color ad will be featured in the Official CannaBiz Program Guide which will be passed out to dispensaries all over California, hitting 100,000 people.
  • Half Page Ad – $1,000

    • Half page, 4-color ad will be featured in the Official CannaBiz Program Guide.
  • Back Cover – $3,000

    • Exclusive special position of your creative on the back cover of the Program Guide.
  • Inside Front Cover – $2,000

    • Exclusive special position of your creative on the inside front cover of the Program Guide.
  • Decals – $2,000

    • Your option to apply double-sided decals to all doors on the Lobby Entrance.
  • Elevator Graphics – $3,000

    • Attract all eyes to your brand when you cover the main elevators in the Magic Box with your graphics!
  • Coffee Cup Sleeves – $2,500

    • Make your logo part of over (x) cups of house coffee served to attendees during the three days of the meeting. Coffee shops within Magic Box will serve coffee with insulated sleeves featuring your logo and booth number. Exclusive to the first four brands who purchase.
  • Column Wrap – $2,000

    • Wrap your company’s logo and artwork around one of the many columns throughout the expo space. Company expected to pay for vinyl wrap & labor.
  • Badge Artwork – see pricing below

    • Your logo will be featured on the badges for the CannaBiz Expo. Not only are they around the necks of everyone at the Show, but become a souvenir collectible at the end of the expo.
      • Exhibitor Badge – $2,000
      • Media Badge – $2,000
      • Day 1 Badge – $2,000
      • Day 2 Badge – $2,000
      • Weekend Badge – $2,000
  • Lanyards – $3,000

    • Put your logo around the necks of all Attendees and Media at the Expo! A great way to showcase your brand! Production and labor costs are not included.
  • Bathroom Sponsorship – $1,000

    • Think big with this exclusive sponsorship: create decals for the mirrors and stall doors, signs at the entrances and more. Includes all the restrooms on the Expo Floor level. Does not include cost of production and labor.
  • Media Lounge Tables – $1,000

    • Option to bring your newest announcements directly to the media with your company’s brochures or products in the media lounge area. You must provide branded materials.
  • Media Lounge – $4,000

    • Media lounge brought to the CannaBiz Expo by your company. Branded pillows and tables featuring your company logo. Does not include cost of production and labor. Exclusive to one brand.
  • Post-Event Remarketing – $2,500

    • CannaBiz Expo may be over, but that doesn’t mean your chance to reach thousands of CannaBiz attendees is. Perfect for a product launch or premier, use our attendee email list to re-engage and remind attendees of your brand and product.

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Attendee Registration Sponsor, Registration Desk Sponsor, Newsletter Sponsorship, Sponsored Social Media Post: Standard, Sponsored Social Media Post: Premium, TV Monitor Sponsorship, Public Wifi Sponsorship, Full Page Ad, Half Page Ad, Back Cover, Inside Front Cover, Decals, Elevator Graphics, Coffee Cup Sleeves, Expo Bag Insert, Column Wrap, Badge Artwork, Lanyards, Bathroom Sponsorship, Media Lounge Tables, Media Lounge, Video Package, Post-Event Remarketing, Premium Video Event Package, Sponsor Video Event Package


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